Chisinau Municipal Library started work on October 19, 1877 with 8073 volumes, books and magazines, city surrendered after closing due to lack of means Gubernium Library, the latter being founded in 1832. After 25 years of activity Chisinau Municipal Public Library has accumulated 40 thousand volumes.

    At the moment of union with Romania library possesses 100,000 volumes, of which only a small part of 200 volumes were in Romanian, the remaining publications are in Russian, French, German etc.

     After 1918 the Library has been shifted towards a national asset. In 1932 about 110 000 books published in Romanian issue volume amounted to 13,608 and 93,800 in Russian, for which the library was unofficially called Russian. 1938 the total number of documents did not change significantly.

     In 1941 with the beginning of the World War II the library was destroyed (burnt). From 1902 and until 1940 it worked in premises Chisinau City Hall, its surface activity lately as 1894 sq. m.

     After the war was reopened in November 1944 by the Soviet authorities called N1 City Library. Originally occupies a room 10 sq.m. in place Inspectorate of Education Chisinau, Street Podolian 97, and had 1900 volume.

     In 1950 he was transferred in the former restaurant-cafeteria "Dnestr" (River) Lenin Street, the current Blvd. Stefan cel Mare, 148, where it remains today. From that year 1950 and until in 1988 was named Zhdanov.

     In the early years of the library had only loan, lecture hall, processing services, a library and four itinerant service points.

     From 1975 until 1990 he was the head of the centralized library system of Chisinau.

    Since 1988 the City Library is named after the illustrious man of culture Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu.

    In 1991, following the decentralization of library system, according to the order of the Ministry of Culture no. 219 of 10 October 1991, the Central Library has received the status of City Library.


About the central building of the Municipal Library

"Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu" in Chisinau


     The history of the building that houses the library today "Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu" from Chisinau (Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, Nr. 148) start with 1835, when the raw land when the upper edge of the Chisinau at the existing roads intersection Stefan cel Mare and Metropolitan Gavriil Banulescu-Bodoni, the municipality has allocated a plot of land for individual construction for Ivan Monastîrski family’s, counselor, an official at the Spiritual Consistory of Bessarabia. The house has been designed in two levels, and the construction itself has been carried out in two stages, from 1835 to 1844.

     In 1897 the building was leased by a merchant N. Muraciov for a period of 15 years. The new owner made ​​repairs, making interventions in the architectural structure of the building. The main entrance was redeployed for this purpose crashing wall facade facing the Public Garden, and was built over the roof a parapet.

     The memory of this place is about the historical and cultural figures, including Pavel Fedorov military governor of Bessarabia (the first stage of the existence of general building rented several rooms where he lived with his entire family), encyclopedic scholar Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu (teen 14-15 years, the future scholar attended here during September 1852 to December 1853 as student lessons grade IV and V of the Regional Gymnasium), Romanian classical writers Constantin Stamati-Ciurea, Constantin Stere and others; a historian Nicolae Iorga, Russian singer Fyodor Shaleapin, French politician, writer Henry Barbusse, who arrived in Chisinau on several occasions.

     In her current architectural appearance the library building dates back to 1946-1947, when it was rebuilt from scratch. However, the building suffered major damage as a result of relentless bombing that has undergone capital of Bessarabia in the years of the Second World War.

     The project to restore the building was developed by architect E.R. Spirer under the direct leadership of academician A.V. Shciusev. On this occasion, the house was added a third floor, the building was removed in the same context, with about 2 feet from the side street on the Southwest and elongated, while the horizontal so as to cover the whole space of the streets they flank the sides Northwest and Southeast. However, the appearance of the new building exterior decorative repeat broadly old architectural edifice as constituted by the end of the nineteenth century.

     In March, 1950, by a decision of the Chisinau Municipal Committee of the CP (b) M, some of the rooms on the ground floor (the first space occupied by the restaurant) was made ​​available to the Library, which coexist for many years days in conditions neighborhood with pharmacy no. 77 and the bookstore "Academic books".

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