The current Municipal Library was inaugurated on October 19, 1877, initially as city library, after as the municipal central library. In the period 1975-1991 has central library function in centralized system of public libraries in Chisinau and municipal library status. In the years 1950-1988 was called A.A. Zhdanov, since 1988 - name of the illustrious man of culture and science, writer B.P. Hasdeu.

     Public Library's mission is to provide all unrestricted access to information, ideas, readings, encourage and support freedom of knowledge, freedom of expression, spaces for debate, for exposing views, creations regardless of religious orientation, political beliefs, sexual, social and intellectual status.

     ML Strategy and objectives, projects and programs developed are tailored to meet the needs of the Chisinau community and the network of 28 branches has a wide coverage throughout the city, creating a coherent and forming a functional asset documentation and research institution. A contribution to the capitalization of the publication lies with specialized libraries (Public Law Library, Library of Arts) and the International Academic Center Eminescu, National Center Hasdeulogy, Center for German book.

     ML supports cultural identity and diversity, through the successful implementation of the project "reading services for national minorities" in the capital, organizing branches: the book and Hebrew culture "I. Mangher ", Russian " M. Lomonosov", Ukrainian "L. Ukrainka", Bulgarian "H. Botev", Gagauz "M. Ciachir" and more recently - Polish „A. Mickiewicz." , with collections in those languages.  A special concern is the Municipal Library service provision for those who, through the various forms and facilities are integrated into its activities.

     The profile of the Municipal Library is universal: the reference edition monographs, from fiction to scientific literature, from art books to books for children. Traditional and electronic fund form a national and world treasure trove comprising over 1 million volumes freely available for consultation to all users. Focus on how to use - direct (consultation in the reading rooms or home loan), remote (web pages, databases, phone, email) and gratuity manages to attract over 3 million visits annually. The impact of these performances is envisaged information, documentation, training and education to over 148 thousand users with a variety of interests, priority groups are pupils, students, intellectuals, civil servants, who are provided with a comprehensive training and recreation services.